Memory Charm

by Birthday Wish

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released December 21, 2013

Written, tracked, and mixed by Jonathan Solis

with a little help from:

Brandon Geeslin, Robin Koogle, Mark Collins, Carlos Callava, Richard Malpic and Noelia Graham for the Album art.



all rights reserved


Birthday Wish Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Memory Charm
This open road
our cousins left us
your bassinet
you came to me at night
just turn your head
you always say you're right
just break a leg
just break a leg

I will not mean to spit out the blood
no I will not see now
what's going on hun
I will not mean to spit out the blood
I felt my face,
it was sweat and mud

On seafoam eyes
passed district lines
you called it off
I said alright
twisting the life of your never-ending death
counting the times that you never made the best
holding a star just to be or impress
driving my car just to be or exit

When you ride
on silver linings
you won't know dust
from consequence or from the old
lock picker, clingy in sepia
I'm blue in the cheeks
It's starting to reek
lost little leaks
I hope you remember

If the rain keeps coming
and you're still not humming
turn the car lights on and drive away
if the summer makes sense
and you're losing it all
then pass it on
pass it on

if you say
that the rust is beneath you
just tell me twice
or once if you need to
these dangling eyes
by a staircase they greet you
everybody lies
everybody lies for you
everybody dies
everybody dies for you
Track Name: From a Year Across
Jet black
Your hair comes to its closing
the paint chips
from the surface of your skin
so get up, get in,
drop out, sleep in
to your
flower bed

It was 36 degrees
that past time
you waited out on the ledge,
your cigarettes and a bell chime
I hope you made it through
the night time
Saying: there's no other way tonight

exposed, from our last impression
Please just strike me
When I'm asleep
I'll let go

Of all those years ago
All those years ago

It was the lights and heat
It was the Fourth of July
told some ghost stories
with a road stripe I'm my eye
I'll drive to see you sometime
Yeah I'll drive to see you sometime

the smoke
suck it in

It's 36 degrees on the outside
Yes a question to beg to make it out from a long drive
I hope you made it through the night time

There's no other way tonight
There's no other way tonight
Track Name: Where and When (you go away)
Friday night
it's more than likely that you'll
lose your life
Shoe laces tie my knees
Laugh it out, salute your strife
this guessing game I play the
The worst to stage
The bets I've made
I don't mean this
I want it
Just wrap it
I bought it

I'll get away
Yeah just get away

Cough it out you've got a mighty truth you'd like to tell
Laugh it out
I'm convinced that we don't believe in hell
So fuck the line we drew
Our parents said we'd have it right
I don't mean this
I need this
I want this
Track Name: Speck
Lessons learned
By the books
Hold yourself
Argue us
Lose your love
Lose your love

Pull back the effortless
Digest your thoughtlessness
I know you're down
I know you're out
Pick up the phone and then
Crawl through a lions den
She's got a frown
You leave in bound

Dawn to me
amor, amor
Back to the
Drawing board

There you go
A mix of contempt
body of water
Rested lips

Back to this
You want it back
It rips, your eyes from
From what you see
What do you need
From me

No, I don't need it
Don't bring your best hook back to me
I know it beats it
To lose your life out there to me
Don't write the saddest song you have it if you lose this
Just wear your best dress no matter if it's hit or miss

Where went the time
Was it laid, the grime
Tore a sheet of mine
sew the edge, I'm fine

It's not the time to be heading out to the lost and found

Just say it
I won't play it
It's not about this
Is it about us?
Track Name: Drag (ft. Alex Cejas of Kid at Heart, Couch Tigers)
And did you pin it back?
Or is it pressed against your whims
and if you wear the black
will it hang around your limbs?

I'll go numb for you

Test print pull kit everyone's a winner
soaps are boring when you're a killer
sing time lullaby jackson's thriller
pictures marry me when you're still stellar

the signs of your life and then your off again
just come clean
Running through the lines
left on your cardigan
I'll leave the city
I'll leave the city
I'll leave the city if you want me to

Heart attacks
get me through the winter
i'll get better

are you out of wack oh are you
or have you lost it to a sin
and does lose the fact
that want the same old thing

soda pop, Lollipop, running from the mall cops
"thrift store robbers" that's what they'll call us
I don't mean to be cheesy like cheddar
but when things get worse you know they'll get better

(With all the reasons
and all the spinning
boyish charming
and then alarming)

get your crown
is it in your town
busting through the gates
saying I'm in love with you

is at your prime time
that I'm losing all the grime?
these kids
kill kids
yeah these
kids kill kids
Track Name: Best Wishes
Don't tell me once I love you
you've got a world to see
I try to wind it down to
"need it?
be free"
Old windows lose their dusty charm
drop names, lights and then alarms
just reach up to the nearest
telephones are on
they're off
you lose
the girl
she's gone
deduce and then complain
you passed the time you came

And if the feeling never left us
come on
take it all back
bring it slow make your call
you never lost at all

If I could recall
renew, rewind, refine you
I think I'd ask you
hey boy what you spinning' those wheels for

you could be right this once now
I might be off to see
a world without the consequences of a troubled being
you said you'd take your time
I'm still here and I am waiting for your last line

Young blood I know it well
oh my bruised boy feet
I know the space outside
the life I take a seat
and if you come inside
I'll show you two and two
I never thought it was
the colors blue and blue
I don't need a thing
Track Name: Blossom
How utterly scholarly of you to argue
that we're just passing through
phases and places
car rides these faces
are just like, you know

was it held by your name
and did you lose it by the claim
"I think it's better this way"
I think we're better this way

worry worry
quite contrary
flights and stairs

skipping the rock across puddly
licks of your boyish pageantry
I am a jail bird to the song
you said you knew it all a long

your nails were long
my memory was weak
I was sick to the drums the losing was bleak
I remembered your face you had long lost your prayer
I was always so fair
I was always so fair

are your sleeping in the daytime
with the back of your head face up
it's not like you make this,

catch my drift when I let you out of
my sight sails through the worry and doubts
I have your words on cigarette bets
hocus pocus
carbon focus

wishing, swearing, waiting, for you
wishing, swearing, waiting…
Track Name: Love Lines
Invite your friends to a banquet hall
and set for them fine dining
luxury comes twice if we
work hard enough for them
and I told you that we should be this
yeah I told you that we should be this close

We sold to fashion
told the kids to grow up
left our mothers
singing "called it tell it's luck"
I bet your father
still calls you in the night
you seem farther
It's because you're always right

Said and done we've made our truth
to hold your ransom lose my tooth
punch my face and kick me in
hopefully I'm made of tin
back when you said you'd love this
on and on
faded hands toss you away I am gone
you're gone

lazy, scarfy worn out dead head
I said
ex lovers lingerie
the girl you once
knew born in may

I'll never make true friends
and my lover never ever says
sweet things that I could do
bad brains that you knew you blew

shooting stars
screech through dust and space
wishes in my
living room come true
hey, what's life like next to you

You're always right
under the
sleeve of my
oldest shirt